Photos Of Young World Leaders, When You Don't Imagined They Look As Teenagers

Photos Of Young World Leaders, When You Don't Imagined They Look As Teenagers, Inspiration - Of course who wouldn't know the name name as King of Saudi Arabia Salman, Barack Obama and B.J. Habibie. Where did you know like on television, newspapers, or even a book or website. But have you ever imagined how they look as a teen?

Yes, everyone has experienced youth including world leaders. Uniquely, the emergence of the young people of the figures is very different from what you see today.

Do not believe? Let's look at the images like summarize from the page Brainberries, Tuesday (9/5). Who is the most different?

1. This is how Barack Obama style when he was about 18 years old. His style relaxed abis while smoking a cigarette.

2. George W. Bush was playing baseball on campus, around 1964. Looks like an holywood actress, isn't he?

3. Here's Nelson Mandela's appearance around 1961. His face still looks young with a thin mustache.

4. Portrait of Fidel Castro while in New York City in 1955. Still not wear his typical hat ya.

5. Portrait of King Salman in 1954. At that time he was 19 years old

6. Hugo Chávez, former president of Venezuela while still active in the military world. He entered the Venezuelan Academy of Military Sciences in Caracas since the age of 17.

7. Portrait of young Losif Vissarionovich Stalin, otherwise known as Joseph Stalin. He was the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s to 1953.

8. Here's the appearance of adolescence Vladimir Putin in 1966. At that time he looks very thin with sideways hair style.

9. Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi while still a law student in 1887.

10. This is how former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein looked when he was young.

11. Portrait of teenager Queen Elizabeth in 1945. At that time she was 18 years old.

12. Youth portrait of B.J. Habibie as a young man.

13. Adolf Hitler's Childhood Photo. It looks arrogant

14. Donald Trump palying Basketball.

15. John F. Kennedy, President of the 35th United States

16. Mao Zedong, former Chinese President when 14 years old

17. Yasser Arafat, Former Palestinian President of Youth